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Our mission is to encourage and strengthen long-term cooperation between the leading research and application spheres in the energy sector.

About Us

The National Centre for Energy II is a group of leading research organizations, universities, and innovation leaders in the advanced energy field. Our long-term cooperation is based on linking academic research with the application and innovation potential of manufacturing and technology companies and builds on the successful implementation of the NCE project in the period 2019-2022.


Through joint scientific research projects, we share the unique infrastructure, laboratory equipment, and know-how of expert teams from research organisations with the application sector. The close connection between the research and application spheres allows us to map the key needs of the energy industry effectively, respond to the current needs of the energy mix in the context of the Czech Republic and accelerate the implementation of new solutions into real operation.

What We Do

We focus on increasing the efficiency, safety, and reliability of existing energy units and networks utilizing research outputs and the development of new methods, materials, and technologies. We aim at efficient deployment and operation of decentralised energy sources and the use of alternative fuels to ensure the raw material independence and energy self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic.

What We Strive for

We aim to develop a comprehensive strategy for modern, low-carbon, and sustainable energy industry in line with strategic documents at the national and international level, in particular The European Green Deal and Fit for 55, to meet the Czech Republic's commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure carbon neutrality by 2050.


The National Centre for Energy has been evaluated as outstanding


The National Centre for Energy project was assessed as outstanding in the final opposition procedure. The opponent committee particularly appreciated the originality and novelty of the outputs, centre partners' mutual cooperation and the commercialisation potential of the centre, which the researchers will build on in the National Energy Centre II ongoing project.

Closing ceremony of the prestigious National Centre for Energy


The Centre for Energy and Environmental Technologies (CEET) of the VSB-TUO hosted distinguished guests on the second Friday of March. Representatives of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, research organisations, and industrial partners and companies gathered on the campus to take part in the Final Project Evaluation of the National Centre for Energy.

Academics led by VSB-TUO together with Czech companies will offer solutions for energy transformation


The National Centre for Energy II (NCE II) is bringing together academics and commercial partners to tackle the current energy crisis in the Czech Republic. Using low-carbon technologies, the team aims to find solutions for sustainable long-term energy independence.



Project: National Centre for Energy II / TN02000025

Implementation period: 1.1.2023 – 31.12.2028

Maximum amount of funding: 698 457 500 CZK

(of which the maximum amount funded by the EU, NextGenerationEU: 186 380 000 CZK)