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The National Centre for Energy has been evaluated as outstanding


The National Centre for Energy project was assessed as outstanding in the final opposition procedure. The opponent committee particularly appreciated the originality and novelty of the outputs, centre partners' mutual cooperation and the commercialisation potential of the centre, which the researchers will build on in the National Energy Centre II ongoing project.

Closing ceremony of the prestigious National Centre for Energy


The Centre for Energy and Environmental Technologies (CEET) of the VSB-TUO hosted distinguished guests on the second Friday of March. Representatives of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, research organisations, and industrial partners and companies gathered on the campus to take part in the Final Project Evaluation of the National Centre for Energy.

Academics led by VSB-TUO together with Czech companies will offer solutions for energy transformation


The National Centre for Energy II (NCE II) is bringing together academics and commercial partners to tackle the current energy crisis in the Czech Republic. Using low-carbon technologies, the team aims to find solutions for sustainable long-term energy independence.

NCE I Final Project Evaluation


The Final Project Evaluation of the National Centre for Energy (NCE) has been scheduled to take place at the University Auditorium of VSB-TUO at the beginning of March 2023.

Monitoring Visit


In October 2021, the VSB-TUO campus hosted a monitoring visit and meeting of the partners of the National Centre for Energy (NCE), a project managed by the ENET Centre, VSB-TUO. The project has been bringing together top Czech universities, research organisations, and companies from the energy industry since 2019.

Low Carbon Technologies Conference


Our VSB-TUO colleagues would like to invite you to the Low Carbon Technologies conference organized on June 28-30, 2021. The conference is a part of a project supported by the Visegrad Fund and is open to the general public online.

Seminar Invitation


The CVR is developing a series of seminars at the National Centre for Energy entitled Modern Diagnostic Methods in Energy Applications - I. Turbines.

NCE Presentation at the SVAR 2021 Conference

NCE presentation shared information in the field of research on materials and material technologies for modern energy applications at the SVAR 2021 conference.

Sub-projects in 2021

On December 4, 2020, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic approved sub-projects 12-24 to be implemented in 2021.

NCE project extended until 2022

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic approved the request for NCE project extension until 2022.

"Energy Greening" and "Energy and Environment 2020" International Conference

On September 14-16, 2020, an international expert conference on the greening of energy units took place at the Hotel Sepetná in Ostravice.

Implementation Period Extension of the NCE project

The National Centre for Energy will apply for a year implementation period extension of the project.

Interim sub-project evaluation

We kindly ask the sub-project investigators to prepare a brief sub-project implementation report showing the status quo as of June 30, 2020. The interim report will contain information on the current situation of the sub-project, the fulfilment of the objectives, the activities carried out, achieved outputs and the budget disbursement.

NCE General Meeting

On Friday, December 13, 2019, the NCE General Meeting was held.

Kaggle competition

A competition in power line fault detection using machine learning methods.