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Energy Utilisation and Storage

In the area of energy storage, the transition to low-carbon energy and the associated growth in installed capacity of renewable energy sources in the energy mix are significantly increasing the requirements for ensuring balance in the energy network. This implies the need to ensure sufficient energy storage capacity and flexibility of energy sources. At present, these requirements are mainly met by a combination of flexibility of large conventional sources and energy storage - mainly in conjunction with renewables. However, it is evident that existing resources will not be able to meet the ever increasing demands for energy storage, both in terms of capacity and time.

Research agenda in the Application segment 3 - Energy Utilisation and Storage focuses on:

  • reliability and flexibility of energy sources,
  • energy storage,
  • advanced thermodynamic cycles.

Expert guarantor: Ing. Daneš Burket, Ph.D.

Director of the Research and Development Strategy Section,
Research Centre Řež, Ltd.
tel.: +420 266 172 539, +420 724 677 779